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Removing amenities.

Shoring, timing.

Cutting off the damaged parts.

Clearing up PVC foam to 25-30 cm.

Interior preparations, laminates clearing up.

Manufacturing, installing a support / mold.

Preparation of the mold, laminating inner skin.

Preparation, PVC foam application.

Preparation, stratification inner skin.

Manufacture, installation, stratifications internal reinforcements

Based installations, interior finishes.

Many repairs throughout the franc boat hulls and onboard.

Preparation, spray gel coat applications throughout the starboard edge franc and skirts.

Sanding, lustrages near new condition

Finishing gel coat repairs are carried out in the rules of art

Coated with NO which would lead to premature aging of the surface,


Confections new rudders originally on new locks.

Repairs drifts.

Removing, beam repair before, preparation, treatment, paint, rests.

Toe rail replacement starboard bow.

All replaced items: wicks rudders, rings, toe rail, two sails of before,

As well as the composite materials are supplied by Carib COMPOSITES NV

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