Quality composite materials in Sint Maarten

Ship Xm has been repairing (as well as building) boats for 30 years. We only work with products and materials we have personally tested and having valuable properties both in use and in aging.
We can provide with a wide range of products suitable for all types of boat repairs.
If you are looking for a particular product, you can check its availability among the catalogs of our suppliers below (or contact us directly for more information).
We are at your disposition if you would like suggestions of products adapted to your needs or advise.

Our suppliers




We’ve been working with SICOMIN since the end of 1981 (the company had a different name then), SICOMIN is a designer and manufacturer of its epoxy resins and fillers, a good value that can provide you with absolutely everything you may need for a project in composite material of very high quality.
A range of fabric you will not find anywhere else on Sint Maarten island.
Soul and foam materials.
NEW: TOP COAT 1056 epoxy / polyurethane transparent to cover your tables, surfing boards, art objects easely. As well as the application equipment and protections.
See listing quotation on estimate, decreasing price according to the quantity.

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For polyester products, the entire range ‘Reichhold’, and more, whose polyester resin Norpol 720-800 is tropicalised: Long-term conservation, good impregnation power.
Polyester resins for various applications (surfing, etc …) to order.
A gel coat line for each use including (a finishing gel coat) fully WHITE hues.
UV-resistant gel coat colorless.
Fabrics: Rovimat 7 Euros/Kg (public).

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A range of products from paints aviation: Primers, undercoats, coatings, paints three ranges of two-component polyurethane whose 320 TOP COAT TOP COAT and varnishes 360 UVR.
Excellent gloss, depth effect , exceptional time held.
Compare technical data with known paintings.
Antifoulings: autoerodable, die hard, for aluminum, non-slip, thinners.
Products treatment tanks and special products.




BANOVA® offers minimum weight paired with high stability and sustainable way!
BANOVA® can be combined with various materials to significantly influence other characteristics. Applications therefore know virtually no limit.
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